CREW has two markets: Primary and Secondary States. Primary states have higher commissions (average of $2,500 total per install). Secondary States have lower commissions ($800) but require less work. You simply input their information at and Dividend contacts your customer. If they install you get paid. Easy Peezy.




    CREW offers the highest value to the customer with $0 down solar ownership.


    CREW offers significant commissions to our Sales Partners (who can also earn Profit Sharing in CREW).


    CREW’s exclusive partner, Dividend Solar, has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any solar company in the U.S.

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We are starting a movement to educate people about solutions -- and we will pay you to help.

Installations in 30 states (and growing)

Highest Customer Satisfaction rating of any Solar company

Backing and support of the fastest growing company in solar (by far)

Average of $2,500 in total commissions on each solar upgrade

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World-Class training at no cost to you

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"Our greatest renewable energy is the human spirit." Robert Styler

Unleashing the Human Potential

Most people don’t contribute 100% of their talent because they don’t feel they are being appreciated 100% for their work or who they are as human beings.

When we are not fully seen, we don’t fully show up.

At CREW, we believe that unleashing this human potential is the best way to create “the world we all know in our hearts is possible.” As a species, we have an amazing ability to respond to both crises and inspiration.

In response to Pearl Harbor, the U.S. auto industry transformed in record time to support the war effort. After Kennedy’s firm commitment, we reached the moon in less than a decade.

Climate Change should inspire a similar response. Even if you think Climate Change is a hoax, we can all agree on cleaner air, less pollution, and more local jobs (you can’t outsource solar installations). The actions we take together with CREW will improve your life, your finances, and our world.

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Your Friend in the Solar Industry

Jigar Shah is important to this story because his vision helped inspire CREW. Jigar was the founder of SunEdison, the first company to introduce the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) — this model changed solar forever. After Jigar sold the company for $200 M, he served as the CEO of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room. In December of 2013, he called Robert, CREW’s founder, and said,

“We need to get $10 trillion in climate change solutions directly to the consumers in the next decade. It will not happen through traditional markets — they are too vested in the old models. You should build the network to bring solutions directly to the consumers.”

Inspired, Robert convinced his wife that they should sell their house so he could focus all of his time and energy on launching CREW.

Jigar wrote a book called “Climate Wealth,”, where he promoted a new perspective on this global problem: Climate Change is a $10 trillion dollar opportunity for the companies that provide solutions. The key is not perfection, it is distribution.

Jigar believes that we need 100,000 people as a “boot’s on the ground” movement to create this shift–and CREW can be the model.

The idea behind CREW is that each one of us has a professional and a social network. By educating these networks about $0 down solar ownership (and other solutions), we “spread sunshine” and create an extra stream of income for each CREW Member — thus decentralizing the production of energy and the creation of wealth.

EnergySage documented that when people compare solar offers, 90% choose solar ownership — but 90% of the population still do solar leases, which is costing these consumers a small fortune. We need to educate them!

Only 14% of the population trusts advertising, while 91% trust a recommendation from a friend. This is our opportunity. CREW is that “friend in the solar industry.”

As a CREW Member, you provide value to the marketplace and we reward you for your service (the average total commission for a solar upgrade is $2,500). With all of us doing a little bit, we can achieve anything.

“There are no passengers on SpaceShip Earth. We are all crew.” Marshall McLuhan, 1967

CREW taps into the megatrend used by companies like Uber and AirBnB

People + Platform = Prosperity

TThe only limitation to the human experience is our ability to cooperate. Together we can achieve anything.

CCrew is a new business model for humanity — powered by people, supported by technology, and fueled by sunshine.

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